Another {Pair} Bites the Dust

Let’s play a little game, and win a little prize!

Can anyone spot the one thing in this photo of Samuel, Stephen, Faith & Grace that prompted my post title? 

I’ll hold a little draw for one of the “Picking Them Up With Both Hands” books that I blogged about in this post.  Remember, the book whose proceeds will go towards helping the Rippee family complete their adoption? 

It’s a great little book.  I have one for myself, tucked one away for Samuel to show his kids one day and of course, the grandparents received one too. 

So give a little guess and comment below!


  1. I’m guessing it is Samuel’s jeans? My boys were always hard on their pants. But, I’m sure not as hard as your son!

  2. berzenji says

    the jeans!!! ( I so want that book!)

  3. I was going to guess jeans too – my Reni wears his out his pants “walking” on his stubs outside all the time! I need to show you something he came up with that is giving his pants a reprieve — sticking plastic cups on his legs like shoes! The plastic IKEA kids drinking cups work the best! 😉

  4. My guess was the pair of jeans Samuel has on!

  5. I’m guessing the jeans too–and I now am certain there is someone who puts more patches on their jeans than my boys!
    Thank you!
    I LOVE Cydil’s idea of the IKEA kids drinking cups! How cool! I don’t know Cydil–but she must be a wonderful resource and wealth of knowledge for you! Of course the cup idea won’t help my boys’ patch needs but I’m not complaining. They are active and I love that–what mother could mind? But I can only imagine what a lifesaver that idea will be for you/your clothing budget! Kudos to Cydil she deserves the book for that tidbit. BTW I reserved my copy when it first came out–LOVE IT! I devoured it immediately when it arrived and I was so tickled to see Samuel’s photo on the front 🙂
    So funny … I made that button for my sidebar adv. the book uncertain if I should use Samuel’s full face or if it would be to invasive to him–what a smooch–what was I thinking? And then he ends up on the cover anyway. Really, how couldn’t he be? Such a handsome guy!
    I hope that many books are being sold–so raw in it’s journal format and so cool that it’s from a guy’s perspective.

  6. I think the jeans are too obvious. I think it is the combo of jeans and one of the bikers in the background. Or maybe even the pair of bikers…
    I really want the book too!

  7. oh Samuel and his jeans he was always getting hole in his pants love to move to much LOL miss him so much. I love that we get to see him with his family on the blog. You should see if sears still does the kids program that if the Jeans wear out before he out grows them they will replace them free. I had a friend that would do that with her boys they where always getting holed in the knees. Hugs and Kisses to Samuel

  8. Hi, there! Just stumbled across your blog – you have a beautiful family! We are in process for our 3rd China blessing. I see that you were in PDX – we are north of there – lovely summer weather we are having, eh? ha!

  9. His jeans, definitely. I remember him wearing some pants quite thin here… though he didn’t do quite as much “walking” outside I would imagine.

    Love ya, little guy!

  10. HAS TO BE the blue jeans. Wow, I bet he goes through them like crazy.

  11. Laine Ferrill says

    The jeans! Samuel is a DOLL! I have loved keeping up with his progress and achievements!

  12. Margaret says

    I sure appreciate your blog Shelley, I have been reading, though not always making a comment. You have a great family 🙂 I ordered, received and read the book…it is worth ordering and I will order a couple more to give away.

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