Under Construction…


I had to laugh when I realized that this tab still had an “Under Construction” phrase tacked to it.

That’s because we truly are Under Construction.

New family member.

Learning and Growing.  Stretching and bending.  Truly we are a work in progress.

The name of this blog is Learning Together at Home and honestly it is what it seems.  A Mommy blogger writing about her family’s foray in to the world of home education.  Look deeper though, and it’s more.

If anything it starts from the top down.  We parents probably have the most to learn (or unlearn).  The kids, well they never stop learning.  We are a big mosaic of individuals working out our faith and what it means to be a family.  And yes, we do it at home.  And around town.  And the grandparents.  And on our travels.  Oh, and in our new 12 passenger van.

Yeah.  We’re those people.  Learning, together.  At Home.