6 weeks + 2 days until…

Summer Vacation!

And this year, the teacher is possibly more excited than the students.

Oh, okay.  So I feel this way every Spring.  😉

I am so amazed at how the kids have grown in their ability to learn and perhaps even more amazed at the fact that *I* have grown as their teacher.

Perhaps after 10 years of home educating my kiddos I am finally finding my groove.

I guess we’ll see.

After all, we still have 6 weeks + 2 days left.  LOL

The flags are something spontaneous Faith drew about 3 years ago and I love them so much that I have never taken them down.  The rings are our weekly countdown that we use to motivate ourselves through our formal book work.  See?  I have proof that we are nearing the end of this school year!  Some of the kids are getting concerned about finishing and others think it isn’t moving fast enough.  Any guesses on which kids fall in which group?