Rainy Oregon

We woke up fairly early in Sacramento, California.  The hotel we were at had an expanded breakfast and so after eating we were on the road around 9:30 ish. 

Let’s me point out that last night this morning, we pulled into this motel around 12:30 a.m.  That’s a long driving day for Stephen!  We drove a good long day and got to our pre-booked campsite to find lots of black clouds and the beginnings of some good rain. We stopped and ate, let the kids burn off some energy and Stephen decided to keep on driving. 

Now do I really have to be so specific to point out that we had a campsite booked in Oregon?!  Yep.  Rainy, beautiful Oregon.  I really loved the scenery yesterday though.  I’ll upload some pictures later.

Anyway, the highway tat was to lead us to our intended destination was very scenic, or so the signs said, and Stephen ended up fighting against driving rain, deep road ruts and oncoming semis along a two lane, narrow stretch.  blech  He did great!  I was the nervous wreck! 

At one point we pulled off at a junction and took a new route.  And here we are – out of Oregon and (cue drum roll please) out of the rain!

Faith’s one request:  Can we come back when its not raining? 

She really wants to find a beach with some shells.

This new junction turned out to be a better one and if the weaher holds, we will make a detour down memory lane for the four oldest of us, before heading home eventually. 

What a trip!  The kids are ready to be home and our thoughts are turning turning to normal day to day life.  I hope to make a note of all we have discovered and the ways we’ve grown the past few weeks.  But how to put it all into words? 


  1. I don’t see any dates, so not sure if you’re still on the road, but I have sure enjoyed traveling along with you and your family! Can’t wait to meet someday!

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