Driving and Driving and Driving some more!

Today was spent in the van.  We took a round about way to get to the scenic route we had hoped to travel and ended up a few hours short of our intended destination. Ah well.  We are in a motel again tonight and had a very cool swim in a sort of heated pool this evening. Everyone is asleep and I felt the urge to catch up with the blog tonight, so here I am. 

The kids had a tougher time today.  More driving will do that.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the normal stuff.  Well, other than an extremely active bladder on the part of our youngest.  Actually, the day involved some rather tough conversations with one of our other kids.  I am amazed at how the close quarters and long trip have really brought out some of the more “stuffed down” things that we’ve been feeling  – both good and bad.  In some ways it takes my breath away when the stuff comes up and yet in other ways it has been such a relief.  We all know the “elephant is in the room” and all that.  The most incredible thing is finding out who we are all again and some of us for the first time.  Sounds so bohemian.  Really though, I am not even feeling the need to unknot my shoulders or run away for some alone time or anything.  This trip has been such an amazing God thing for all of us.  I know we still have so much to sift through and sort out as a family and as members of this family, but we have been given such a gift of this time.  Thank you Jesus. 

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