Wildlife & Car sickness

LOTS of winding roads yesterday.  Lots of upset tummies.  Nothing came of it all (thank you Lord!), but it made for one happy family when Dad fianlly pulled into our destination.  We saw some beautiful  waterfalls today and drove through an extremely long tunnel.  We snacked on junk food to calm upset stomachs and basically broke many of the rules of common sense and yet we are alright, it’s good to be reminded of that now and again.  :)

Edited to add:

Wildlife included an overly friendly squirrel.

A frightened (as in, James claimed he could feel its heart pounding) but adorable frog.

A HUGE cricket that crawled out of a gopher hole.

A couple of different varieties of rabbits, fluffy white tails and all.

A blue jay that sat and squawked for a tremendously long time at us.

A grasshopper as long as my longest finger.


Two lizards (one rather long) that crawled under the doorframe into the women’s washroom at the campsite.

(Fortunately, I was no longer inside the washroom at the time!)

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