Laughter in the Desert and Our Trusty Navigator has Been Fired (and I don’t mean the GPS)!

It was to be a very long driving day.  We were trying to leave on time (we left around 11 a.m. – later than planned), eat quickly (we got side tracked by a pie sale) and set up camp by nightfall (we never made it and are in a city about an hour or so away). 

I think that this was the most laughter filled day yet!

I – our trusty navigator – let down our fearless pilot as we tried to navigate around a large desert on end up on the correct side of a mountain range.  I still say the road wasn’t marked very clearly.  snort  Instead, we managed to drive directly THROUGH the desert and very narrowly managed to stay on the correct side of the mountain range.  WHEW!

We now know that desert roads have been laid a lot like the first road Lightning McQueen laid when getting to Raidiator Springs.  It felt like a really great roller coaster with all the stomach plunging and floating sensations, large obstacles to dodge (HUGE semis that were WAY overwidth) and no way to get off (Did you know they don’t often have rest stops or view points way out there?).  We eventually managed to do a U-Turn and got to a route that would get us back on track.  All in all it was very funny.  In the midst of it I told James that THIS was my best moment ever.  It reminded me so much of killing ourselves laughing on our family trips over finding oursleves, yet again, on the “wrong side of the tracks”.   I could see the light dawn in his eyes. Yes. This was the best moment ever. 

The pie sale I mentioned was at a Marie Callender’s restaurant (they have the BEST pies and their kids meals are HUGE!). We decided that our pie in Oregon had been a fun thing to have along the way and when we saw the banner sign we new we were going to make a quick meal stop at this restaurant.  It turned into a long stop, but now we have a pie for today. 

Last night we found a motel and a familiar restaurant.  The server was really great and the manager came out chat with us.  Do we present that wierd?  Regardless, we learned a bit about the area we are heading too and reminisced over family car trips of our childhoods. 

Off to wake the troops and get a move on.   Actually, I nee to say that before I could publish this, Faith came to the door, VERY proud of herself.  We couldn’t get one room or even adjoining rooms to accomodate us all, so we had James and Faith sleep next door under lock and key.  The littlest kids are needing to be woken, but Faith and James are all showered and ready for the day!  We should do this more oftern.  Just kidding – I didn’t sleep well with them over there and us over here.

Oh, before I forget.  Every ride we went on, Grace would always ask if the ride had a “buckle up”.  We knew she meant a seat belt or restraint of some sort and so we didn’t pay much attention to the actual wording.  Just yesterday it dawned on me that Stephen always tells the kids to “hurry and buckle up” when we get to the van.  She was parroting him in meaning.  She does this all the time with words and I wanted to record where her language is at.  Most people are surprised at how proficient she is with English at only 6 months home.  You really have to listen to catch some of these things as she speaks so confidently now. 




  1. Oh my word where are you people going?! I thought Disney was the destination, but I’m starting to think it must be CanCun or something……… Can’t wait to see where you’ll be tomorrow?

    Do I hear “Brazil! Here we come!”

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