Legoland, Sushi, Earthquakes and Bullseye by Firelight

The title sums up our day nicely.  Legoland was very busy and so we picked our favourites and enjoyed them.  We are all pretty wiped out and you know all those things we were hoping to work on with our kids?  Well they all seemed to come to a head today.  That’s actually a good thing.  When Stephen in away for work or when we are so pulled in many directions it is tough to be immediate and consistent with our parenting.  I think the kids are finally realizing by this point in the trip that we are not only back to boot camp, but it’s boot camp with a united parenting front.  By today, three days later, I can see it making a difference already.   Anyway, on with the photos.  We did eat Sushi for dinner at our campground (well, they all ate Sashimi, I ate sushi and tempura) and Grace was overjoyed to eat noodles again.  The earthquake happened just after we put the kids to bed early (it was  a tough day) and Stephen and I were standing outside debating on what to do.  The ground shifted side to side for a couple seconds and then it was gone.  Only James felt it too, but we noticed other people c0ming to stand outside their RVs so we know it wasn’t just our imagination.  Another thing to add to the experience list this trip.  We haven’t felt an earthquake for sometime so it was kind of cool.  We finished of our night by the campfire where Stephen finished up the day’s work and we tried one of those packets that colour the flames of the fire (not sure what it is that makes it work – a new question for our homeschool book of questions). 

What a different day!

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