Surf City… Here We Come

We had to try the In and Out Burgers our friend raved about...


Surf City


A different sort of coastline. Almost to Mexico!


Trust me. The actual tent is much larger than the ground sheet. It almost touched the picnic table on this end!

Or perhaps it should be called the “Land of a Thousand Coin Operated Laundromats”.

After a bit of shopping, we drove on to a new location from our week of fun with the Mouse.  We passed many surf camps along the way and really enjoyed the drive along the ocean.  Once we arrived at our campsite we had a good, sort of wry, laugh over the size of our tent versus the size of the pad.  Let’s just say that we were very cozy with the nice family the next site over.  Their oldest boy was a really nice kid and we had a good chat over the laundry machines the next day.

Speaking of laundry, I have a funny memory of driving around the city looking for a laundromat.  The camp’s had closed for the night and we were in need of some unmentionables, so we drove around and around looking for a laundromat that had drop off service.  We were hungry and really all just wanted to get some sleep.  After asking and using the GPS we came up empty, so after much debate we ended up eating at a greasy, dirty pizza reaturant / arcade that showed graphic TV over top of children’s birthday party tables. Nice.  Littlest Miss was quite transfixed by the TVs and so we spent the meal trying to distract her.  Not easy when she was almost asleep with her eyes open. 

   Ahhh these are the moments that make us shake our heads at the wisdom of such a trip.  But onward we went. :)


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