Day 5

The final day here.  We were all exhausted by this time! 

We chose to do many of our favourites repeatedly today and we were able to close out our day in a memorable way.

We had just walked up to the gates and Stephen turned to us and said that we should go for one last ride around the park on the train.  He ran up and asked if there were any more trains that day and was told that there was.  The final train was used to pick up passengers from the closed “lands” and bring them back to the main gate.  For the first bit we were the only ones and then we shared the train with only a few silent riders.  The park was earily quiet, but it was so amazing to see it all at night. The music still played.  The lanterns glowed.  But save the few of us on the train, there was no one around.  It was a treat to end the week so quietly. 

Here are a number of photos of today.  Click on any of them to see them larger. 


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