No crying he makes

We’ve seen some fun and interesting places as of late, food tours (like Herr’s Potato Chips, Sturgis Pretzels and Wilbur’s Chocolates), theme tours (like the hershey World of Chocolate – twice!) and educational places (like DC and Gettysburg).  We’ve celebrated birthdays and had a visit from one set of grandparents.  We’ve schooled (the middle four) and tested (James).  Work has happened and advocacy.  We’ve even made it to the many appointments we have each week.  Today tops everything we’ve had happen so far.

Isaiah managed to complete a full 9 hour day at the hospital with only one bout of tears.

Sound harsh?  Actually it’s really exciting!

He made it through his OT appointment where his arm splints were refitted.  It’s really warm on his skin as the OT presses the hot plastic against his little arms in order to hold it.  It also stretches his arms into new and aggressive stretches that cause him some discomfort.  No crying today though!

He made it through his upper extremities team visit.  His arms were pried on and his parents kept the team talking for far.too.long.  No crying today though!

We waited for many, many hours in a very crowded waiting room with a bajillion other families in order to see his lower extremities doctor.  No food or drink allowed there and we made him eat super quickly in the cafeteria before dashing back to wait some more.  No crying today though!

His name was called when we were the third last in line in order to have his leg casts removed.  He usually bursts into tears at the mention of his name.  No crying today though!

His Physician Assistant spoke gently to him and removed his casts.  Isaiah called out over the saw noise, “Good job, Mr. B____!”  Wow!  He even sat up to watch it happen and smiled at me at one point.  Let’s just say that the grownups in the room were stunned.  No crying today though!

He greeted his care coordinator by name and smiled for her.  Everyone was enfolded in warm grins and happy moments of glee.  No crying today though!

Finally, finally, he dozed off on my shoulder. They ushered us into the cast room.  And he woke up.  No crying yet.


The lower extremities doctor walks in ahhhhhhnd….

There were sounds of wailing and gnashing of teeth (like, literally, gnashing).

Ah well.  It was about time.  😉


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