Happy 10th Birthday, Garnet!

We were so happy to celebrate Garnet’s 10th birthday with him today! (Truly we were, just follow along with me.)

We had cake (that Garnet made himself with Dad’s help – chocolate dipped cake balls), presents (that included an r/c helicopter that was promptly flown across the ravine containing the railroad and lost in the bush), and fun (a trip to the gaming store – that wasn’t as much fun as it could have been as the focus drifted to his brother’s taste in games, and a game of Farkle – that ran far too long with a grumpy toddler).

Sounds kind of negative, doesn’t it?

It would have been, but this was Garnet’s birthday. He’s a really roll with it kind of kid. It’s not that he doesn’t notice that stuff that makes the rest of us grumpy, it’s just that he generally chooses to be upbeat about it.

I really like that about him. I think it’s one of his greatest character traits.


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