Testing… Testing…

Pardon the weird formatting. I will fix it once the computer is set up. )

We drove into Philly today on a test run. We hit heavy traffic and so we’ll have to make sure to allow extra time for commutes to appointments. We also picked up a bunchimage image imageof supplies for the next bit, bought a couple things for Garnet’s birthday (“Did you know my birthday is in THREE days, Mom?”) and finished up the paperwork for the appointments we have this week. We also had a few moments that varied from trying to squeeze our behemoth into a very low parking garage.  We juuuuuust fit. 🙂  It’s also been interesting snooping in stores. It takes us 3 times as long as usual to shop because the packaging is different and while everything is labelled in English, the selection is super abundant for some items and non-existent for others. And the highways?  They curl in and out of each other like a ball of string. We have our van gps map on, Stephen’s phone on Google maps, a thick map book and then use my phone to ask Siri for help on top of it all. A few moments of frustration and a few wry laughs and we get the job done!


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