Best Day EVER!

Today’s best moment of the day was looking over at five kids having the time of their lives in the pool tonight absolutely killing themselves laughing over a camp song. I had Isaiah in my lap and I looked over at Stephen and we had that moment of utter glee. THIS is why we are doing this.

Yeah, I took the kids to Heritage Park Historical Village and yes it was really sunny, with a light breeze. Samuel helped raise a tipi, we rode the steam train and a bunch of 100 year old amusement rides, all topped off with ice cream. Yeah! So fun, right?

But, today marks the one month anniversary of our receiving Isaiah. He ate the ziti noodles in his minestrone soup tonight. He splashed in the pool and beamed with joy over being encompassed by his Baba and I at the same time. He laughed with abandon over his upside down self in the mirror. He rode the forklift with Baba.

This is love, contentment and unfathomable joy. I love my family and I am beyond grateful for these moments. Lord, let me hold them closely in my heart.

This was the best day yet!20130822-220832.jpg




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