This is Love



Do you see what I see?

I see Love!

Most people who know Stephen in his real life, see him as serious, regimented, disciplined and driven.  They’d be right.  In his professional life and in many of his personal hobbies and habits he is “Mr. Type A”.  And trust me, it’s served us all very well.

Chore Charts? Check.

Kids to appointments on time? Check.

3 Square meals a day? Check.

He likes life orderly and in line.

OH that is SO tough for this undisciplined girl!

But I’ve learned and he’s softened, and we’ve flexed back and forth and it works.

Watching him  take 25 minutes to pull out of our driveway with Garnet and Samuel this morning made me pause.

He didn’t just pick up Samuel and carry him outside.  Nope, he made him walk.

He didn’t just boost him into his car seat.  Nope, he waited for TEN minutes while Samuel figured out how to climb up into his car seat, turn around, not catch his prosthetic feet on the seat back in front of him, position himself just so, arrange his crutches, realize that his buckle was underneath himself, haul his bottom up and wiggle around his winter coat, position his crutches, feed his arms through the straps, and then proceeded to allow Samuel to buckle himself 1, 2, 3 times in order to get it just right.

You get the idea.

And he did it with patience, kindness and a smile.

That is LOVE!


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