Today I Cried and then…

Don’t laugh.  It’s true.  I cried a tear or two.

A negative person who spoke those bleak words that branded my son.

I cried.

Carrying the thought of someone I love in pain and knowing they were to meet with their specialist today.

I cried.

Seeing folks openly smile at my littlest guy and be so inclusive of him at the Science centre today.

I cried.

And yes…

Seeing the Canucks lose.

I cried.

It was a brutal ride on the emotional roller coaster of life today.

But then it turned a corner.

My son will receive his first “boots” tomorrow.

And I smiled!

My kids are all tucked safely into their hotel beds.

And I smiled!

My husband squeezed my hand in empathy.

I smiled!

My loved one had good news from the specialist.

I smiled!

I recalled other hockey seasons.  There’s always next year!

I smiled!

And then I remembered that God’s grace is enough.

I beamed!

Sound trite?  Naw.  It’s just another day on the roller coaster of my llife.



  1. berzenji says

    thinking of you today Shelley and your rollarcoaster. We’ll be lifting up Sam in prayer for tomorrows big day!

  2. I’ve been praying for Samuel, and I will continue to lift him up. Blessing to you and your family!

  3. So sad with you and the Canucks 🙁 on their loss last night!! Brayden and I were rooting for them! (Jeff and Easton were rooting for Boston … so it was a bit heated the last few weeks around here. Brayden even made a Stanley Cup–however he did not present it as he was too crushed to not get to keep it himself since the Canucks didn’t win. ACK!)
    What a bummer–but yes, there is always next season.

    Best of luck to Samuel tomorrow with his new boots! I hope that he is encouraged and strong (and that you are too!)

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