Yinchuan CWI Visit

Garnet was treated as the returning hero.

He glowed.

The end.

Well.  Not really.

He had a banner with his name on it (“Welcome Back Huyan Baoer!”, in characters).  A crowd of people who knew him “when”.  Children who remembered him. Speeches.  A professional movie camera trained on him.  Gifts.  Baby photos.  His special Ayi was delighted to see him and ran out after him once we left for a few extra moments with him.  The director called the finding person and they came and held him, pointed out the EXACT place and details of his finding story.  Garnet got tears in his eyes (total joy) more than once. 

My heart actually felt it would burst for him.

He’s played second fiddle to the other kids’ stories for so long just by nature of a lack of information.   No longer. 

We were so proud of him.

I think I glowed too.


We have video and photos, current medical info and eyewitness stories for Murong Yilan, Mu Rong Jin Bo and Jia Li.  We gave the updates to the staff (they were delighted).  We toured the physical therapy rooms and many other class areas (no sleeping quarters) and have photos.

Lisa, Garnet’s Ayi asked after Yang Yang too. I told her about both boys fishing trips.  🙂

E-mail me for a quick update to the parents of the children I named above and I’ll send photos and video once we are back in Canada (a couple weeks).  [email protected]


  1. Margaret says

    Answered prayers, wonderful and emotional to read!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. That is so incredible to be able to fill in with answers and love where there were before gaps of information! What a blessing for Garnet and all of you! I’m so glad that he has a story to tell now too. 🙂

  3. Wow, that is so wonderful to read! What a special time for him!!
    Love, Barb

  4. Wow! Amazing!

  5. Oh what a blessing that was for your son!

  6. Wonderful! Garnet is such an awesome boy – nice that he could have some special time to be celebrated.

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