It was T-H-I-S big!

Tonight at supper Grace became very animated while telling us a story from China.  I happened to have started a new novel tonight (I read out loud to the kids when Stephen isn’t home for meal time), The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Something about Ralph S. Mouse struck a chord with Miss Grace and she was off and running with a story that she had never told us before. 

Apparently one day when she was still in China (at the orphanage), someone spotted a mouse. 

And here is where I interject a little. 

This mouse was actually quite large by the sounds of it.

(I’m thinking rat, at this point in her description.)

A couple of the grown ups came running.

One of them used an umbrella to try and hit it.

Another person grabbed a fire hose.

Again, I must interject that she was adamant that the hose was much larger than our garden hose and it was for putting out fires!

Then Grace proceeded to describe in great detail the antics surrounding the capture and killing of this mouse

The story ends with a different grown up running to the kitchen for a pair of rubber gloves, bending over picking up the mouse by the tail and throwing it outside in some tall grass.

Seriously, I don’t know when the kids as a collective group have been so engaged in a story.

This girl’s got talent.

Or it might have been the, ahem, mouse.




And now for something completely different…


We have always made it a priority to pray with our kids before bedtime (not unlike many families).  Perhaps that’s why this short video has absolutely hit our funny bones this week.  Soooo funny!  James has a great sense of humour and he is always finding things like this video to make us laugh. 

So, in honour of our oldest child whom we have helped move along the path to needing counselling one day nuture his faith, here is comedian Tim Hawkins with his skit called, Scary Bedtime Prayer:

YouTube Preview Image





As is the norm in our house, Garnet was the first to wake us up this morning.  When he does, he inevitably wants a story.  Sometimes its a memory about a specific thing.  Sometimes its one that Steve or I will make up.  Or like this morning it’ll be a specific Book.  He confrimed with his Dad that a Bible story was okay and then he removed the bookmark and got it ready for his Dad to read. 

Today’s story was about Elisha and the healing of Naaman.  At the end, the story book had a prompt that asks, “Who healed Naaman?” 

And who do you think Garnet thought was the Healer in the Bible story? 


Yep, frogs. 

Apparently this particular illustrator really likes frogs (something that we had never noticed before as adults!) and sure enough in many of the stories there is a cute little frog watching from the sidelines. 

Guess we need to be more specific fom now on! 


This and That

I’ve been playing at the absentee blog owner these days.  But I’d like you to meet my new best friends:

The Crutches


Ms. Walker


Yep, 2 X-rays later and I’ve been pretty much off my feet for the past 10 days.  It’s just a sprain, but it seems to be taking its time healing up as it is in a bit of a funny spot across the top of my foot.  Darn flip flops, you betrayed me with your sporty cuteness. 



On another note, Garnet has been up to his usual cuteness.  He was looking a bit like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.  He’d look at us with his chin tipped up in order to try and see beneath his

bangs (Am I allowed to call them that on a boy?).  Stephen took him to our friend’s to get a buzz cut.  The whole week beforehand he spent telling us he wanted hair like Uncle S. (my brother who has buzzed his entire head to nothing but a polished sheen).  Atractive though it may be, Steve told our friend to leave him a bit of hair so he wouldn’t have to deal with sunburn. 

Well, our little guy hopped out of her salon chair rather perturbed!  He wanted hair like his Uncle and that was that!  That’s all we heard about for those first few days and then one day he bent over as I was talking to him and what did I see?



Oh yeah.  He’d tried to take matters into his own hands!  LOL

The funniest bit was the fact that he didn’t hardly miss a beat.  He wasn’t even embarrassed to be caught (not like him at all!).  He just kind of sighed the long-suffering sigh of a five year old.

{Perhaps I ought to take his style preferences more seriously!}

In hindsight, he did wake up that morning claiming to be Curious George!


All in all we’ve been up to purging the house with a few ice cream breaks.

 One of those gems I have been unable to part with finally ended up at the Sally Ann. 

These are my two boys’ favourite movies from when they were preschoolers.   I think I could still recite every word of them!

Wiggle Bay was beloved by Garnet since the week he came home & Fred Penner was watched so much that even though it got fuzzy in places, it was still the top pick movie of any given week by James between the ages of 3 and 5.  Good memories.


Faith and Garnet took some time to dance the other day.

And here’s a beauty shot of our ice cream lovin’ princess.


And a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s fetched my crutches, watched my children, schlepped me around (thanks Mom!) and generally taken care of me.

Especially my dearest, oldest boy James, with his new title of Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! 

Thanks Son!


Cows and Kangaroos for my city kids

If you were in our van today, you would have heard the following conversation:

Shelley: Hey kids, look at that cow in the trailer over there!

Kids: What?  Where?  Oh cool!

Grace: That’s not a cow.  That’s a kangaroo!

Stephen: Sorry, honey, that’s a cow.  Kangaroos have longer ears. (Said in a wry tone of voice at the end of a long day.)

Faith: Actually Grace, kangaroos live in Africa.

Insert the sound of chirping crickets and the banging of the children’s teacher’s Mom’s head on the dashboard.

Followed by an impromtu animal science and geography lesson. 

Ahhh homeschooling.  😉




Said in the tone that makes you think he has his hand on his hip and his nose in the air.  Usually said in reference to something that one of his sisters have insisted would be a better choice for his life.  Always said very matter of factly.  Incredibly Garnet.  Impossibly cute.


Heart warmers

Garnet’s favourite self designed new word = AWESOMER!

And you know what?  When said with so much conviction, it’s contagious! 


At dinner yesterday, the antics around the table were getting sillier and sillier.  After encouraging Grace to eat some more, she said, “But I can’t stop giggling, my heart is smiling!”


6 weeks + 2 days until…

Summer Vacation!

And this year, the teacher is possibly more excited than the students.

Oh, okay.  So I feel this way every Spring.  😉

I am so amazed at how the kids have grown in their ability to learn and perhaps even more amazed at the fact that *I* have grown as their teacher.

Perhaps after 10 years of home educating my kiddos I am finally finding my groove.

I guess we’ll see.

After all, we still have 6 weeks + 2 days left.  LOL

The flags are something spontaneous Faith drew about 3 years ago and I love them so much that I have never taken them down.  The rings are our weekly countdown that we use to motivate ourselves through our formal book work.  See?  I have proof that we are nearing the end of this school year!  Some of the kids are getting concerned about finishing and others think it isn’t moving fast enough.  Any guesses on which kids fall in which group?


Theatrical Friends

We love our friends the H Family.  Each one of them has weathered storms with us and our oldest two kids see them as cousins.  We had the opportunity to have them come and stay with us for a bit last week and one afternoon when their parents were gone, the whole crew decided to dress up and give the neighbours yet another reason to wonder about our family.  lol 

Can anyone spot the Diva in this photo?  😉


Happy ?! April Fools Day

We woke to a cloud of smoke, what sounded like firecrackers and what felt like a heart attack.

Surprise!  The two oldest kids woke us to cap guns going off and shouts of  “Happy April Fool’s Day!”.

I have to say that if I ever doubted that my husband is a protector at heart, today proved it.  He jumped about 3 feet straight in the air and then looked ready to attack.  I on the other hand hid under the covers, my heart pounding a mile a minute.  Oops! 

The gunfire was followed by an array of brightly coloured snakes and insects (all rubber, of course) hidden carefully in kitchen cabinets. 

And would you believe I had even driven my sweet children to the dollar store the day before – fully knowing that they were up to their usual hijinx?  And yet still, I forgot.

Maybe next year I’ll set my alarm a little earlier.  Shhhh don’t let the children know.  😉