Cows and Kangaroos for my city kids

If you were in our van today, you would have heard the following conversation:

Shelley: Hey kids, look at that cow in the trailer over there!

Kids: What?  Where?  Oh cool!

Grace: That’s not a cow.  That’s a kangaroo!

Stephen: Sorry, honey, that’s a cow.  Kangaroos have longer ears. (Said in a wry tone of voice at the end of a long day.)

Faith: Actually Grace, kangaroos live in Africa.

Insert the sound of chirping crickets and the banging of the children’s teacher’s Mom’s head on the dashboard.

Followed by an impromtu animal science and geography lesson. 

Ahhh homeschooling.  😉


  1. Roberta says:

    ROFL, soooooo what ciriculum are you using just so I don’t buy the same one (-:

  2. FUNNY!!!

    Sorry about all of your stuff going on! We are so spoiled with our vans and washers! When I say I want to move somewhere far off and live a simple life, the DH asks me, “what about your washing machine? Wiling to give that up?”

    UGH! He knows me too well! 😉 Leslie

  3. Perhaps I won’t be making any side income as a curriculum advisor.

    Leslie, Your dh sounds like mine. I’m sadly attached to my machines.

  4. Too funny!

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