Post ER visit update & a little party is in the air

We made it through today’s ER visit in a record 1 hour.  We left with a sedated MRI booked for December, and a follow up visit with the head of pediatric orthopedics to follow.  We are so relieved to know that Samuel’s case is being pursued and feel comfortable with things moving forward.  Thank you for your prayers!

At this point he is mobile and he is making use of his other three limbs to climb and get around.  We’re really thankful to get this MRI as a baseline for his surgery in a few months too.  It’s apparent that God is working things out for his good in the midst of it all.

And as for today….

It’s Grace’s 9th birthday!

I have a pretty red dress wearin’ daughter that is super excited about a few packages that are hidden safely away in our
storage room.

Off to get ready!


  1. Happy Birthday Grace!!! Will keep praying for young Samuel! love to all!

  2. Keeping sweet Samuel in our prayers and praying for his heart to be comforted as he goes in for surgery early next year.

    Happy 9th Bday to your Grace!! Have fun celebrating!!! :)

    Blessings & hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  3. I’m late, Happy Birthday to Grace! Praying that Samuel does well with his surgery!

  4. I hope that Grace had a wonderful Birthday!!! Yay for Birthdays!!!

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