What’s a guy to do with all these sisters?!


  1. I admit that I’ve been guilty of this on my brothers too… You are a beautiful little guy, Samuel!

  2. kim denis says:

    so cute!!!!

    Now that it is warming up we should do a BBQ one night. Miah has more surgery on June 1st but once she is all healed and back to normal, I’ll give you a call!

  3. Sooooo sweet! Love that smile, I could just eat him up!

  4. Grins!

  5. Margaret says:

    made me laugh, so adorable!

  6. LOVE it!

  7. This is just plain ADORABLE!!! ~ What a HAPPY photo of your little ‘girly’ man!! 😉 LOVE that boy!

    ((((HUGS)))) <3

  8. Gordon Garrett says:

    I Love It!!
    I miss that smile!
    PaPa G

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