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If you had come over to visit over the past few days you would’ve seen us:

 preparing Samuel’s “Introducing Your Family” package.

(It only took about 5,000 tries to get this one!)

When I mailed it today, the postal worker at the mail counter asked me if I reeeeally wanted to send it.  Surely it would be too costly (it was a lot!).  I felt like saying, are you kidding me?   This is for one priceless kiddo!

Garnet received this balloon from us for his birthday.  For a whole week he asked if he could send it to Jesus in Heaven.  Finally, before bed one night we sent it off into the night sky.  I think his smile speaks volumes.  This guy has a big heart for Jesus.

He is also really growing his range of vocabulary.

Lately we’ve caught him saying, “Yes, you may.”

Another time we heard him say, “The deal’s expired!”

(The deal, for those of you who don’t know, is that he told each of us that he doesn’t want kisses anymore <sob>, except on his birthday.  You can guess the sheer volume of kissing that went on that day!  The next morning?  Apparently, the “deal” had expired.)




  1. kim denis says:

    love the balloon! What a sweet heart that boy has!

    Also…great photo of the three of you! What did you send in your package?

  2. Oh, I love seeing you holding Samuel’s framed photo… he is just too cute! :)

    I remember the same thing when we mailed our care/family package to Khloe… the cost was insane, but OH SO WORTH IT!! :) He will TREASURE it so much!


  3. LOVE it! The printed photo looks great! So glad you have that picture of Samuel– it’s my favorite that I took of him. I just found another funny picture I realized I’d never sent– check your email!

  4. We have sent a second care package to Mary with a photo album of all of us. I asked in the letter if they could please show it to her over the next few weeks so she isn’t so frightened when she meets us. I am really hoping someone at her SWI can do this for her. We are bringing the same pictures in a small album with us as well, I hope this will be able to help ease her transition.

    I love the photo you have chosen of Samuel. Your’s and Steven’s joy is so evident in this picture!

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