Happy ?! April Fools Day

We woke to a cloud of smoke, what sounded like firecrackers and what felt like a heart attack.

Surprise!  The two oldest kids woke us to cap guns going off and shouts of  “Happy April Fool’s Day!”.

I have to say that if I ever doubted that my husband is a protector at heart, today proved it.  He jumped about 3 feet straight in the air and then looked ready to attack.  I on the other hand hid under the covers, my heart pounding a mile a minute.  Oops! 

The gunfire was followed by an array of brightly coloured snakes and insects (all rubber, of course) hidden carefully in kitchen cabinets. 

And would you believe I had even driven my sweet children to the dollar store the day before – fully knowing that they were up to their usual hijinx?  And yet still, I forgot.

Maybe next year I’ll set my alarm a little earlier.  Shhhh don’t let the children know.  😉

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