As is the norm in our house, Garnet was the first to wake us up this morning.  When he does, he inevitably wants a story.  Sometimes its a memory about a specific thing.  Sometimes its one that Steve or I will make up.  Or like this morning it’ll be a specific Book.  He confrimed with his Dad that a Bible story was okay and then he removed the bookmark and got it ready for his Dad to read. 

Today’s story was about Elisha and the healing of Naaman.  At the end, the story book had a prompt that asks, “Who healed Naaman?” 

And who do you think Garnet thought was the Healer in the Bible story? 


Yep, frogs. 

Apparently this particular illustrator really likes frogs (something that we had never noticed before as adults!) and sure enough in many of the stories there is a cute little frog watching from the sidelines. 

Guess we need to be more specific fom now on! 

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