Pennsylvania, here we come!

We are headed off on our second cross-continent trip tomorrow.  This time to PA via OR.  We’ll be stopping for Samuel and Isaiah to see their doctors in Portland and then drive directly east to Philadelphia so that Isaiah can begin treatment (hopefully!) there.

We have done little pre-planning in preparation for this trip across the US and honestly it will hinge on the answers we get at the first appointment in PA.  If a treatment plan is created then we stay.  If not, we take a long vacation, come right back home, hang around the East Coast where our vacation rental is paid for already, or some other plan that we have no notion of right now.  It’s all rather overwhelming to answer the kids’ questions about particulars when we really have no idea.

We do know that it is pretty amazing how things have pointed in this direction.  It *is* pretty amazing to be crossing the USA only one year after crossing Canada.  Learning Together at Home is becoming Learning Together at Home & Away.  Life is nothing but unexpected. Stephen always tells us that we live in a house but our home is wherever we are together.  I think we are setting out to prove him right!

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