Halifax Discovery Centre & Peggy’s Cove (a tonne of random photos)


















DSC_3649 DSC_3647 DSC_3645 DSC_3643 DSC_3640 DSC_3638 DSC_3637 DSC_3632 DSC_3630 DSC_3628 DSC_3627 DSC_3616 DSC_3606 DSC_3590 DSC_3552 DSC_3549 DSC_3516 DSC_3512 DSC_3420 DSC_3415 DSC_3414 DSC_3407 DSC_3397 DSC_3393 DSC_3392 DSC_3383 DSC_3376 DSC_3349 DSC_3329 DSC_3322 DSC_3318 DSC_3297 DSC_3294 DSC_3284 DSC_3282 DSC_3278 DSC_3276 DSC_3275 DSC_3260 DSC_3256 DSC_3242 DSC_3179DSC_3650 DSC_3652 DSC_3653 DSC_3655 DSC_3660 DSC_3662 DSC_3663 DSC_3665 DSC_3671 DSC_3676 DSC_3682 IMG_1575 IMG_1582 IMG_1585 IMG_1594 IMG_1597 IMG_3038 IMG_3044 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3057 IMG_3063 IMG_3065 IMG_3068 IMG_3089 IMG_3106 IMG_3108 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3115 IMG_3138 IMG_3141 IMG_3142 IMG_3146


  1. Oh man, I LOVE the photos!!! You all look like you are having SO much fun

  2. You have a beautiful family. Looks like a wonderful trip.

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