Hide and Seek

When I can put on my Mama hat and take off my teacher hat, there is something so very cute about how Hide and Seek sounds in this house.

Yes, I said sounds.

As of today (November 7, 2011), Grace has been with us for almost 2 years, Garnet for almost 4 years and Samuel for almost 9 months.

On their own they have cute speech patterns that others discreetly chuckle over sometimes.

Together, they down right make me smile.  And look for my ear plugs…

Grace: Okay.  Now it’s my turn to count.  1-2-3…

Samuel: {loud shrieking giggles fading away as he races to follow Garnet to a good hiding spot}

Garnet: SAMUEL!  (loud huffing sigh)

Grace: Samu-well, come here!  You can’t make so much noise!  (she yells)

Garnet: Wight!  You can’t tell Jie jie where Ge ge is!

Samuel: Oh Tay!

Grace: (goes back to counting)  1-2-3

Samuel: (rather than hiding, begins to count too)  1-2-4-18

Grace: Samu-well!

Samuel: Huh?  Whaaaaaaaaht?

And off they go…




  1. Shelley, I just love the photos! Oh, what fun you must have with these three precious children! It’s so nice seeing your blogs again!

  2. I agree, loving your blogs and photos!!! Thank you so much for posting!

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