On the Menu Today…

Green Slime



Ummmmm, no.

Garnet has been taking a certain medication for awhile.  One of the possible side effects is loss of appetite.  And the accompanying Mommy worry.  He doesn’t have a lot of spare change to lose, if you catch my drift.

Bring on the Green Slime aka a green vegetable based protein drink.  I think the picture clearly explains why my children have named it as such.

Do you think his appetite will return for supper?

As for item #2 on said lunch menu.

Well, all it took was a shriek from my littlest dude of, “Mom!  ‘Pider!”, with wild finger pointing at his luncheon plate.

Well after practically breaking my neck from the race across the kitchen, I soon saw the evil beast critter in question.

Okay, once my heart calmed down from the thought of a spider crawling in my son’s salad, I shook my head and thought about it for a minute.

This little guy was fairly cold to the touch.  He was crawling in Samuel’s salad which, I confess, originally came from a wonderful little pre- washed and bagged package.  After our first round of the salad TWO nights ago, it was put into a plastic container and into the fridge.

Talk about survival against all odds.

And, well, yuck!

I kind of felt bad when I took him outside into the 10 degree Celsius weather.  God bless him.

But oooo – yuck!

Hopefully Samuel’s appetite will have returned for supper too, as after I had extricated the ladybug from his foliage, he quickly scrambled down from his chair and said, “All done!”

Can you blame him?  hehe


  1. After the slime and bug, I’m thinking real food would look GREAT! LOL

  2. Yucko.
    But it was a ladybug after all.
    And that got me to thinkin’…

  3. :)

  4. kim denis says:

    A ladybug! I wonder what that means???? Maybe God has a sense of humor?

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