A Question for you all about braces…

James got a set of braces on his bottom teeth today (yes, on Halloween :P).  He had a milkshake on the way home.  He then went out with us this evening.  Later on he had a piece of pizza (he hadn’t eaten anything else, no sticky candy, nothing at all) and 6 out of 8 brackets had popped off.

Is this even reasonable?  Normal?  Nothing to be concerned about?

We chose to have our dentist who is experienced in orthodontics do his braces rather than our family orthodontist.  But now it’s making us concerned that we chose unwisely.

Anyone with experience out there who can give me advice on this?

We are hopefully off to the office to get them fixed tomorrow a.m.

P.S.  Thanks for the comments about the kids’ costumes!  I’ll have to tell James that you all liked his.  :)  He certainly had quite the response during our trick or treating.  :)


  1. I’m impressed that he could eat anything. I’m assuming they haven’t put on the wires yet? Once that did that for me I don’t think I ate anything for a week that wasn’t liquid. (even a potato chip was painful!) The braces I had (a long, long time ago, circa 1982, were glued on my teeth in the front and then circled around the teeth on the back ones and NEVER popped off until they were taken off a couple years later. As long as he followed the instructions on how long to wait until the glue set up I think that it would be really odd for them to pop off. Hmmm. I do know caramel, gum, super sticky stuff was a big no-no for that reason. But pizza? That’s a staple isn’t it? haha!
    Best of luck to him. It is SO WORTH it to have straight teeth! (That is my little shot of encouragement in the arm for him.) Hopefully when the fence wire strings them together they will be more stable. 😉

    And love the Halloween costumes! :-)

  2. My daughter was told not to eat pizza crusts because they were so hard. Jordan’s brackets never popped off even when she ate things she was not supposed to. She did break a wire from eat AirHeads, though, and had to get that fixed. Orthodontics is such a specialized field, and expensive. I’d definitely want to make sure it was done right. If not, your son’s whole bite could be off, causing major pain/issues in his jaw and neck.

  3. I agree ~ make sure you go with someone who has a reputable track record, as it can make a difference in their overall bit when all is said and done. My daughter never once had any brackets come off. She did however have a wire come lose one time, but that was it. Granted it was 4 years ago when she had them put on, so she no longer wears them, but I doubt much has changed since then. I’d definitely look into what went wrong. One is bad enough, but 6 out of 8?! …I’ve never even heard of such a thing. Praying you get it all worked out. Make sure they don’t charge extra for fixing stuff… it should be one overall cost from start to finish, including any repairs, tightening, etc…

    Hope you get it all squared away. They’re expensive enough as it is, let alone having to deal with any extra head-aches!! 😉

  4. That seems totally wrong to me. Granted my braces came off in 1990, but I ate all kinds of stuff I wasn’t supposed to and I never once had one pop off, and I was told to be extra careful cause mine were the clear kind that apparently breaks more easily. I would be asking some serious questions. (and not to eat pizza is just dumb, so what you can’t eat crusts on sandwiches, or garlic bread?? No kid lives on mushy food if your over the age of 2!!)

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