The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Some of you may remember our little visit from the Chinese Tooth Fairy while we were in Changsha.  Grace had lost her first tooth with us, and there was much rejoicing when she found her Yuan under her pillow the next morning.  She’s saved that Yuan, by the way, and the local branch of the international currency exchange (aka. Mom and Dad) will be called into use soon in order to make sure she has the required Canadian currency with which to puchase her “Barbie Airplane Set” {cue the music}.  She’s been saving for this bad boy for quite awhile now. 

Anyway, after our latest visit to our dentist this past week, we discovered that indeed, not one, but both of our daughters have a mouth full of wiggly teeth.  Stephen made a few comments about needing to take out a loan, while I began altering my mental menu to sustitute apples and corn on the cob for bananas and salad greens. 

Over the past 36 hours two of those wigglers have fallen out – one from each daughter, and tonight I realized that all our talk about the tooth fairy hadn’t entirely sunk in…

Grace: Why didn’t the tooth fairy come yet?

Me: Oh, the tooth fairy must have taken all his change with him to work.

Grace: Okaaaay.  Wait!  His?!  You mean like in the movie?

Me: Ummm.  Remember honey, we talked about the tooth fairy just being a game we play in our family.  Kind of like a silly joke.  If it’s just a family joke, who do you think the tooth fairy really is?

Grace: Dad!  {suddenly bouncing up and down on her bed} Does he have wings?  I bet he gets really small!  Wow! 

Me: Ummm…

Grace: Yeah!  That’s so cool!  Hey Faith?  {Faith is above her in the top bunk.}  Dad has wings!


Me: Well, um, it’s time for sleep girls.  {So suave – snort.}  Remember girls the tooth fairy game is just for fun!  You’ll have to ask Dad more about it when he gets home, but I doubt he’ll tell you his secrets. 

Me: {thinking: Poor Steve.  Little does he know what I’ve just set him up for.  Sometimes I think my imagination gets the better of him!  Hope he has time to read the blog.  hehe}  Godd night girls!

Grace: My Dad has wings!  My Dad has wings and he shrinks reaaaaaaallly small! 

Me: {quietly shuts door, shaking head}


And in other news?

James learned his first song after his 2nd guitar lesson.  Mucho proud of him.  He whipped out his guitar and asked to go past Grandma’s to show her.  I love that he’s still into his family.  His professed highlight?  The fact that as he was waiting outside with his guitar for me to come pick him up, a whole pack of young ladies were walking by and he was, ahem, noticed.  😉

Grace recently began practicing her first piano song using two hands – Old Mac Donald.  Great job Miss Grace!

Faith cleaned our bathrooms today and for the first time ever I think she has passed my fussiness level.  I’m so delighted!  I love that look of pride on their faces when they have learned to do a job really well and they know it!

Garnet has become very opportunistic.  The second I sit down he literally flies over and plunks donw on my lap.  I’ve missed him too.  He hates it when I say this out loud, but he’s still my baby and I need a good dose of snuggle time with him each day or I feel out of sorts too.  I’m glad he is coming to me when he sees the chance.  Never pushing his little brother out, but certainly not passing up the opportunity for his own turn. 

Samuel is currently heading into night number four in his car bed.  Last night was another full night of rest.  We had some good snuggles today.  He is such a deep soul like his brothers.  I really heart my boys. 

Hey, and I got all 5 kids out for lessons, errands, AND a big grocery shop and made it home alive.  :)  Moments like these must be celebrated.


  1. That’s SO cute! The tooth fairy is a “game” here too. Elisabeth and Naomi have not seen the movie… I wonder what they would be thinking if they did? You can tell Grace that they get Kuai/Yuan under their pillows too!

    How wonderful it must feel to accomplish much (and have full fridge!)

  2. Dad is coming home – with wings! Unfortunately, I can’t get smaller – if I could, I would definitely sell my secret to the highest bidder. In our family, we have a big tooth fairy!

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