Yueyang County Photos (Part 2)

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  1. Great photos! Gos to see you all in the photos! Samual seems to have left a leagcy of love wherever he has been.


  2. Love hearing about your journey and getting to be a part of it! We will keep praying for all of you. Whatever Garnet bought, I think I don’t want to know and whatever James bought, Patrick definitely thinks he wants to know!

  3. Such fun pictures (I can just imagine the comments James must have gotten without his coat on!!! heehee)

    I love the joy that is so apparent on everyone’s faces *amazing*

  4. Margaret says:

    Am so appreciative for this blog! You all are on my mind and prayers, many times a day! What a journey for all of you! I check back here everyday (ok, a few times a day 😀 ) love to you all!

  5. The photos are so fantastic, Shelley!! I am having so much fun following along!!

  6. Lisa McKenna says:

    Shelley — I cannot thank you ENOUGH for passing along Siya’s information to the YYC SWI director. When I saw your posting on the Yahoo board, I was so excited that they were excited to see the printouts! Hopefully we’ll hear more when you return on the board once things settle. Safe travels home!

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