We are getting so close!

One more ring left on the paper chain in our dining room.  2 more empty days waiting for Cars stickers on our Samuel’s calendar in Beijing.  Everybody’s doin’ the countdown. 

Bags appear to be packed, but I’m sure some more shuffling is inevitable tomorrow.  Last minute errands and a final tutoring session for one of the kids. 

Housesitter has come for her pre-trip visit and gone again.

Final e-mails are coming in from China.  “Why are you only staying for “x” number of days?  Please come visit my home!”, they say. 

Lots of questions from the kids.  Lots of “Don’t forget to pack such and such!”, from the adults. 

Absolutely tickled over this post on the New Day blog tonight.  I love the absolute trust and innocence.  Oh Lord, Jesus, that all people would be so gentle as that young lady!

Overflowing with thankfulness for our church family’s support and prayer.  Unmerited outpouring of support from the virtual adoption world.  A surprise gift from a beloved great-grandma, not to mention a box of cookies, devoured by my children (okay, and me!). 

Reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  How is it that what He spoke to her a few years ago, is exactly what I need to hear today?

(Oh and btw, it comes in a hard copy too.)

Pondering the question: How did I get to be so blessed to be living this life, in this moment?  And oh, am I thankful He picked me!



  1. Love the video on the New Day blog! I think if Samuel did not have his hands busy with the drawstring, she would be holding his hand right now!

    I truly hope you have a wonderful trip. We will be thinking of you each day and will be checking in for updates. Maybe someday we will be able to travel to China together with our families?!

  2. On a homeland trip? 😉

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