Memories of Great Grandma on Day 50

Days since our paperwork was given a date stamp at the C*C*A*A* in China.  Chugging right along to our LSC….

We had the chance to watch Samuel see “Santa Claus” for the first time yesterday.  I don’t think “Santa” knew Samuel was Skyping in the office when he came to retrieve the presents for the preschool party.  They had to grab him real quick so he didn’t spin right off the office chair in his eagerness to turn around and see him!  LOL

Needless to say we had a fairly short visit with him this Sunday, but it was so amazing to hear that he was going off to be a Shepherd in the Nativity story that they were putting on.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. is all I have to say.

Stephen’s grandma went to be with Jesus this weekend and so we will be participating in the funeral.  When asked about our favourite memories of Grandma, Stephen remembered hanging around her house watching game shows with her (he didn’t have a t.v. at his house) and also how he could often score a cookie if he “helped out” in the kitchen while she worked on her baking.  :)   My favourite memory was getting a phone call after we were engaged (at the Bible College – not easy for her to track me down) and asking me to come over for lunch.  She taught me to bake buns and she and Grandpa visited with me over lunch.  What a wonderful welcome into the family!  We all remember her telling the egg story (Stephen as a little boy on the farm) at our wedding and playing many games of Mexican Train.  Our oldest two kids remember her pouring milk and grape juice out of her glass pitchers and being allowed to sit up at the dining room table and use her pretty China dishes.  As Faith put it, “I’m SOOO glad that Great Grandma is with Jesus!”

It’s good to be with family this Christmas and to know our little man is being taught the most important story of all time.  My heart is very full.

Out of the many, MANY photos taken, this at least shows most everyone’s face on Stephen’s side of the family (When you have this many, sometimes that is all you can hope for! ha).  With the exception, of course, of grandchild #12.  :)


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Stephen’s grandma. Sorry that your family will be adjusting to life without her here.
    And Samuel taking part in a nativity? Makes the wait a tiny bit easier knowing that the boys are learning the real meaning of Christmas, doesn’t it?

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