Sometimes you just can’t do anything but laugh…

Life is such a strange and wonderful mystery.  And sometimes life just makes you shake your head.

I’ve been an absentee blog author lately.  Lots going on behind the scenes.  And a whole family full of snifflers {cough.  hack.  wheeze.}. 

Anyway, no news on the adoption front, but I added a quote to my “Quote Billboard” gizmo today and also came across this video of a Chinese Taxi driver driving the opposite way down a high speed freeway.   First off the video and then the quote.  I think the one nicely follows the other. 

Laughing at ourselves as well as with each other gives a surpising sense of togetherness.  ~ Hazel C. Lee


  1. kim denis says:

    very funny

  2. Welcome to China ~indeed! LOL

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